Evangelos Courpas was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1960. He began a five year informal apprenticeship in green woodworking at age 13 with John (now Jennie) Alexander. During the time of Evangelos’ apprenticeship, Alexander wrote “Make a Chair from a Tree: An Introduction to Working Green Wood” (1978). Evangelos received a Studio Art degree from Oberlin College in 1984. After college, he continued making art and furniture in Brooklyn, NY.  In 1991, he moved to California and was primarily employed as a carpenter and contractor.  He was directly involved in the design of dwellings and continued to build furniture as well.  In 2002, he returned to New York State as a MFA candidate at Alfred University, New York State College of Ceramics and received a degree in Electronic Integrated Arts in 2004. He pursued his interests in architecture and spatial constructions in his thesis work. In 2013 with a gift of tools and a workbench from his childhood mentor, Jennie Alexander, Evangelos began to reincorporate woodworking and furniture design into his art practice along with the development of a woodworking studio. Evangelos lives and works in Liberty, South Carolina.